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Shingled Bridgehampton Village Traditional Wants $3.55M

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175 Church Lane Bridgehampton
175 Church Lane Bridgehampton

This house is really rather nice; 3250sf, with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths, including two first-floor master suites each with fireplaces and sitting areas. The spacious kitchen is all white marble and stainless, although the weird terracotta ceiling has got to go. There's a lot of peachy terracotta in this house, actually, and it all has to go. Paint colors aside, there's not much a buyer needs to do here. The half-acre plot offers a separate fenced area with a gunite pool and pool house, and there are a lot of pretty shrubs to ensure privacy when sitting out on the bluestone patio or pergola. The shrubs, however, point out the drawback to the property, which is that it's all laid out on a very narrow plot, which is why we think it won't move at the asking price, even though everything else about the place is quite acceptable.

· Church Lane [Saunders]