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Jonathan Adler on Ditching the Rules & Pillow Swapping

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Besides reporting on what's hitting the Hamptons real estate market, we're always on the hunt for good design. And, we can't think of anyone with a better sense of style than designer Jonathan Adler. He's always in fashion with a whimsical bravado that really comes through in his creations. He recently chatted with Hamptons Magazine about modern American glamour, pillow swapping, and the triumphant comeback of wallpaper. Ultimately, Adler says that [when it comes to décor], If you love it, it will work. Check out the rest of his advice for glamming up a house that will drive your neighbors crazy with design envy.

How do you describe your design aesthetic?
JA: Three words: modern American glamour.

What colors are currently on trend in the home décor world?
JA: Turquoise and navy and cerulean and French blue is an "always" combination. But grey is definitely having a moment as the neutral du jour.

What home décor trends have you been noticing recently? Is anything making a comeback?
JA: Wallpaper is back. I think people were afraid of it for a long time. We've added squillions of new patterns and lots of textural motifs to our collection, like our updated take on malachite and–my personal [favorite]–the gold splatter. It's a great way to add some gold to your entire room.

You're decorating a blank room. What's the first item you introduce to the space?
JA: Start with a bold patterned rug and you won't look back.

What are three simple, quick, and easy ways to glam up a room in need of a makeover?
JA: Move your furniture around: it's probably been in the same place since the day you moved in, and there's no one right placement. Swap your pillows seasonally: cozy wool in the winter [and] crisp linen in the summer. Add something brass: if you're not surrounding yourself with metals, you're not living.

What's your number one design tip?
JA: Forget the "rules" and buy what you love. If you love it, it will work.

· Jonathan Adler talks decor. [Hamptons Mag]