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Go Shopping in a Camper in Montauk!

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Gal about town Natalie Holst who formerly worked with high end fashion lines Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs, founded Holst + Lee, a jewelry company that fuses a bohemian aesthetic with an edgy sensibility. Often integrating unexpected materials (hello, climbing rope and raffia!), she's gained quite the cult following. Most notably, actress Vanessa Hudgens and Solange Knowles (yeah, Beyoncé's sister) have been spotted wearing the line. Lucky for us, Holst + Lee is coming out to the Hamptons over Labor Day weekend. Here's what you need to know: they are bringing a vintage camper that's tricked out with well-traveled glam to Haven at 533 Westlake Drive in Montauk and parking outside RM 09 today and tomorrow from 2 pm to sunset. Go on, pick up some swag, because shopping in a camper is always fun!