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Showstopper in Bridgehampton Asks $45M

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191 Highland Terrace, Bridgehampton
191 Highland Terrace, Bridgehampton

Overlooking Sagg Pond, this property in Bridgehampton should speak to lake lovers who don't mind ponying up $45M for a 10-acre parcel. Builder Jeffrey Collé is planning a 14,000 sq. ft. 6 bed 6 bath home that takes full advantage of the killer water views. Embracing modern architecture, we're getting a slightly Lego Land vibe from these images. The clean lines and pond side pool will definitely add drama to a lot that is already a showstopper. Still, this price tag isn't for the faint of heart. What do we think, is $45M too aggressive? Or, is this a good investment for fans of the area? Oh, just one more thing, do you think the toxic algae in Sagg Pond should warrant a price reduction or is this just the way things go out here?

· Modern in Bridgehampton. [Saunders]