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Let's See How Party Animal Marc Leder Decorated His New Sagaponack Mansion

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<span class="credit">[<a href="https://porch.com/projects/hamptons-sagaponack-estate">Photos via Porch.com</a>]</span>
[Photos via Porch.com]

Oh, Marc Leder, we're completely fascinated by the Hugh Hefner of the Hamptons, whether you're throwing ragers over holiday weekends or ferrying a hundred babes around the Galapagos on a yacht. So we were delighted to see photos of the decoration of your new house on Sagg Main, by Miami-based Sojo Design, on Porch.com. From the hanging rack for your Hermes blanket next to your color-coordinated books, from the sunbeds and hammocks next to the pool, to the Big Book of Chic to the Chinese calligraphy brush on your bed tray (for polishing up your Hanzi?), we just can't quit you. It all looks great, so congrats—though we might have changed the kitchen a bit. To see all the pictures, head on over to Porch.com.

Here's how the place used to look:

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