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A 1740 Barn, 3.6 Acres in Sagaponack for $2.4M

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2983 Montauk Highway Sagaponack
2983 Montauk Highway Sagaponack

Even given its huge caveat—as we said four years ago, "There's south of the highway and then there's the south side of the highway"—we're surprised this property has been on the market so long with no takers. Back in 2011 we noted that it had been on the market two years, which makes it a long, long six years now. Yes, it's on the highway, but the highway in Sagaponack is fairly bucolic and low key compared to other parts, and the house is set well back. Plus it's a charming place: an old barn with two woodburning fireplaces, three bedrooms and 3.5 baths. 3.6 acres means plenty of privacy and there's the requisite gunite pool. The price has stayed the same throughout the property's time on the market—is it time to lower the ask?

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