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Big Reveal: How Much for a Cottage in the Amagansett Dunes?

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45 Mako Lane, Amagansett
45 Mako Lane, Amagansett

Address: 45 Mako Lane, Amagansett
Price: $1,595,000
The underwhelm was strong this week. The lowest price, $1,395,000, was the most popular choice and yet it was wrong. Commenters were all down on the property: "This place needs work. The kitchen and bathroom, while not terrible, look like they need renovation." "Needs central air and a flat screen. The kitchen is a disaster and the bathroom floor tile is straight from Home Depot. Lipstick on a pig." And "The lines are not buried. There is no landscaping. Agree re the central air. Kitchen out of Bates Motel. Will sell in the 900's." Harsh! Well, we'll keep an eye on the property.

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