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Tour the Stunning Bridgehampton Home of Antiques Dealers

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[Photos by Jonny Valiant]

Antiques dealers Chris Mead and Zoe Hoare of English Country Antiques live in a 1740 cottage in Bridgehampton. Built from old ship's beams, the quirky cottage was opened up by Chris—removing walls and sheetrock—and everything was painted white except for the eighteenth-century floorboards. Of course the house is full to the brim of the quirky, well-loved antiques the duo are known for, including vintage wooden hand mirrors, spongeware jugs, and country furniture, including an English cricket table. (What's that? A three-legged table used in country cottages, as three legs are more stable on an uneven floor than four. The name is a variation of the word cracket (c. 1635), which describes a low three-legged stool.) How do Chris and Zoe decide what to keep and what to sell? "There are few things we're really attached to," says Hoare. "We'd rather sell something to someone who really loves it than keep it for ourselves. Everything is for sale, except our dog."

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