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Live in Baronial Splendor for $15M Less in North Haven

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43 Robertson Drive, North Haven
43 Robertson Drive, North Haven

When this property debuted on the market back in July 2014, we categorized it under Insane Asks. The $55M price seemed kinda bonkers both to us and to commenters. Now the price has been cut to $39.95M, which is more realistic but still pretty high.

The house itself is very handsome with plenty of attractive stonework—love the pretty terraces—and is spacious at 9350sf. The property is 9.6 acres, which includes an extra lot, so we're surprised that there's no pool nor tennis. There's 431' of waterfont on Noyack Bay. And with the new broker (Corcoran) comes new photos toning down the interiors, which were a bit too baronial for everyone's taste last year. One commenter wrote, "Exterior is nice but, good lord...those interiors. Could be a nice house with some new paint, new furnishings, new kitchens, etc." Another: "Oh dear, sweet exterior but these folks have a crude concept of baronial splendor and stuffed it all in. Show this house empty and perhaps it might sell but far from their delusions. Possibilities but needs someone minimal and stylish to guide them." And finally, "I like it, but no pool or tennis? What about a dock for my boat? Not at that price." We'll see if the $15M pricechop does the trick.

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