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Talking with Hamptons Designer Nathan Orsman About Lighting

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[Photos Courtesy Orsman Design]

Skillful lighting is one element that makes a good design great, creating intrigue in otherwise unprovocative spaces. Southampton-based lighting designer Nathan Orsman of Orsman Design says that one common thread with all of his lighting projects is to create an environment that is ideal for entertaining. He works with architects Ferguson & Shamamian, Stelle Lamont, Blaze Makoid, and David Collins Studio London, as well as interior designers Remi Tessier Paris, Jean Louis Denoit Paris, David Kleinberg, Victoria Hagan, Jamie Drake, David Scott, Frank DeBiasi, Thom Felicia, and Steven Gambrel.

According to Nathan, "Lighting fixtures that are properly placed can enliven spaces with illumination that is artful and functional. This establishes drama while complementing the home's architectural and design elements. Good lighting allows for large scale entertaining and dining both inside and out. It helps set the stage for intimate or large gatherings and is key in creating the right ambiance for one's next social event."

Nathan likes to place small lights in the ground, at the bases of trees, shining up, so that when you're outside or inside, you can see the lighting of the trees at night.

And don't forget to mix permanent lighting with decorative lights such as candles. Outdoors, place candles on the table and in between the house and seating area, on steps and in other dark corners. Nathan's favorite candles include Votivo Clean Crisp White, Diptyque Figuier, and Vie Luxe.

Make sure to eliminate glare. Correct selection of materials will reduce the "oncoming headlight" effect. Create the mood and set the stage using layers of light with direct and indirect lights, and choose warm colors when possible. But don't overlight—enjoy both the dark and light.
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