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Darling Old Water Mill Farmhouse with Party Barn for $2.795M

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64 Upper 7 Ponds Road Water Mill
64 Upper 7 Ponds Road Water Mill

This vintage farmhouse couldn't be cozier. It's all been done in good taste with plain white walls and very dark stained woodwork; the kitchen is updated with dark stone counters, and the master bedroom has a high ceiling. Unfortunately the listing does suffer a bit from lousy photography—this property deserves better. The house isn't huge at 2000sf; there are three bedrooms and three baths. Outside, there's a 40' gunite pool and an old barn that's been restored as entertaining space. The plot size is a generous 1.2 acre. The price seems pretty reasonable: there are newer, larger houses being built in Water Mill, but they're more money and on smaller parcels of land.

· Water Mill Classic Original Farmhouse [Corcoran via HREO]