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East Hampton Will Have a Rental Registry by Next Summer

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A registry of rental houses in the town of East Hampton has been talked about for years, but should become a reality soon. All five town board members are now in favor of a registry. Quoted in the Southampton Press, Supervisor Larry Cantwell said this week, "We have a number of people who are violating the fundamental principles of zoning, and single-family neighborhoods are being impacted by the commercialization of housing. Overcrowding, weekly turnovers—in the long term, that has a negative impact on the quality of life for everyone." Mr. Cantwell acknowledged that many residents rely on rental income. How the registry will be implemented is something that will be hashed out via meetings and public hearings this fall and winter.

When we posted about the issue of short term rentals back in June, commenters were mixed on the subject. Many complained about the effect of short-term rentals on neighborhoods, but some thought that short term rentals are here to stay. "I really think that people are making a mountain out of a molehill. Surely shorter-term rentals have been happening for years but now with AirBnB everyone is focusing on it more. Also, the reality is that many of the month or longer rentals have historically been split between groups of people, essentially giving one group the 1st week, another the 2nd week, etc. [...] And not everyone in the Hamptons that wants to go for a week is there to party - many are professionals who don't have the luxury of taking a full month off in the summer. Times are changing, you can either go with the flow, or be left behind. The shorter term rental market is a REALITY. Deal with it."

According to most brokers, this year's summer rental market was dismal; we wonder how much of an effect on the market a rental registry will have.
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