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Argued-About Modern Green Barn in Amagansett in Contract

7 Holly Way, Amagansett
7 Holly Way, Amagansett

This now-in-contract new-build generated a lot of comments when we posted about it at the end of July. Unusually spacious for the Lanes, the house offers 4500sf aboveground and a 3000sf lower level. The plot size is 0.54 acre, also a good size, with a 42' pool and poolhouse with kitchen and bathroom. The only issue, we thought, was the $6M asking price.

Some commenters loved the place, some hated it. On the positive side: "Love this, though I'll never understand gravel next to a pool." "What a location ! Walk to town & beach, this new build is really attractive." "Love the lean and clean staging!"

Negative opinions: "Probably should be noted this place has been on the market for like 2 years.... Hasn't budged while Farrell has sold 7 or 8 houses in the Lanes during that time... Not into this house; it looks like a big church on a small piece of property." "Interesting Bates Motel style pool house. Take one step out of those doors and you're in the pool." "Modern Green Homes should stop ruining the landscape and hire a better architect. This is one of the ugliest new constructions in the Lanes. This is not the first future teardown in Amagansett they are responsible for." "Upon close inspection, it looks very cheap. Gravel was used to cut $ from masonry. Angles are weird, staircase execution is a handyman special, living area/layout is strange, kitchen with open shelving is just an excuse to not pay for custom cabinetry, bath layout is poorly designed, etc."

What do you think?
· Modern Green Barn in Amagansett South [Sotheby's]