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Here's the Oldest House for Sale in the Hamptons

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177 Main Street, East Hampton
177 Main Street, East Hampton

This house, the David B. Mulford House, was built circa 1680. It was moved from its original spot on Buell Lane over to Main Street, and is known as Congress Hall because David Mulford talked incessantly about politics. It was purchased by the current owners in 2012 and basically reconstructed, keeping the old wood but added steel beams for strength and adding a new foundation as well as additions. Quoted in the East Hampton Star, owner Kathy Ashby said last December, "We didn't want to eradicate the oldness of Congress Hall. We wanted to build on it. We're modernists and like things that are minimal, so the goal was to combine the old with that modernist look."

Our opinion: while the house is very attractive and well done, they have eradicated the oldness of Congress Hall. If you are a modernist, why not stick to renovating modern structures instead of ripping apart an ancient one? What do you think?

The house is now 5500sf, after the addition of a lower level in the new foundation. There are five bedrooms and 5.5 baths, set on a half acre with a new beach-entry pool. Asking price is $3.995M. Hard to say how reasonable that is as the house is sui generis.

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