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Someone Finally Purchased the Contemporary No One Wanted

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2765 Deerfield Rd Noyack
2765 Deerfield Rd Noyack

Two months ago, we plaintively asked why no one wanted this stylish contemporary, asking price of $1.995M. It hit the market back in July 2014, and sat, suffering several pricechops along the way. Most commenters liked the place, even though the Noyac location isn't everyone's favorite. One wrote, "I love this house because there is a ton of potential. It could be Dwell-worthy if done right. From the pictures, I figure it needs at least $500k worth of renovations and updates. The biggest problem with some contemporaries, rounded corners. Everyone hates rounded corners and no architect should ever do them again in place of actual 90-degree corners. […]If I were the sellers, I'd spend the money for an architect to make it Arch Digest perfect. Then put it on the market in spring for 2.5 again." Who knows, maybe someone is going to flip it, as it's now in contract.

There's 3700sf of space, with five bedrooms, each with a private balcony, and four baths. The pool house has a sauna and full bath too, and there's a tennis court and garage. The 2.43 acres of land is wooded and private, overlooking the Noyac golf course.

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