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Bridgehampton Bride of Wildenstein House Finds a Buyer; Other Updates

When the Bride of Wildenstein house—as we dubbed it; its strange façade reminded us of the over-surgeried Jocelyn Wildenstein—debuted on the market around Memorial Day, we figured it would take a long time to find a buyer. Well, who's laughing now? The property recently clicked into contract. Last asking price for the 4500sf house with one acre of bayfront land was $10M.
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This house on Georgica Close Road came on the market in June; we thought the two-acre property, last ask $9.95M, represented good value, so it's not surprising it sold quickly. The house is a spacious 10,000sf and although in a traditional style, very pretty and ripe for an update. Of course there's a gunite pool and poolhouse.
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11 Halsey Farm Drive, Southampton, took a while to sell, probably because of interior photos which we described as astonishingly dull when the property hit the market last December. We're still scratching our head over that zebra skin wall hanging. Last asking price for the 6400sf seven bedroom house on 1.84 acres of land was $8.75M.
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