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A Classy Man Suffers 'Damage to his Reputation' from Stay at a Cheapo Hotel

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Sometimes we run across a truly heartbreaking story that continues to pull at our heartstrings long after we stopped reading. Just to be clear, this is not one of those stories. Gallerist Elliot Levenglick was gearing up to have a luxurious summer in the Glass Cube house at 28 Clamshell Avenue in East Hampton. Hours before arrival, the owners terminated the rental agreement via email, citing city code violations for a planned art exhibition. Still, that's some cold shit! And, this must have been really hard for Levenglick to take, because we're betting he had some, umm, interesting activities lined up for that indoor hot tub.

But, the gallerist who was ready to shell out $45K per month initially worked out a deal with the owners. Inevitably, love has been lost between everyone involved. The Real Deal reported that the owners ended up locking out their tenant after 3 weeks of tension. Now, we hear that Levenglick is suing and seeking damages of $71,500. Apparently, he ended up staying at $200-a-night room at the Comfort Inn. Apparently, this ordeal scarred him, because in addition to the rent, he wants retribution for "damage to his reputation" to the tune of $20,000. Why can't landlords and their renters just get along?

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