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Big Reveal: How Much for a Teardown on Georgica Pond?

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104 Georgica Close, East Hampton
104 Georgica Close, East Hampton

Address: 104 Georgica Close, East Hampton
Price: $15,000,000
Winner! The correct answer was the most popular choice this week, but that was all commenters could agree on. Some wanted the place torn down pronto: "Platform rooms only ever work in Broadway plays, not in real life. This dump is coming down, but the price must come down first." "Mr. Reagan....tear this 'mutha down! I say 12mil., not a penny more." "This place is a mess. Horrible floorplan. Your days are numbered, overpriced placeholder house." Others disagreed: "So easy to say tear down when it's not your money. This house is totally salvageable and could be gorgeous if renovated properly, at a fraction of the cost to rebuild it. Even that platform floor can be removed, as it should be. It needs a lot of work but tear down? No." "I love it. Just the furniture is bad, and the kitchen tile, the house itself is great, and the pool is amazing."

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