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Anyone for Tennis? On Your Rooftop Court, Of Course

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100 Crescent Ave Water Mill
100 Crescent Ave Water Mill

Looking for a house with a unique talking point? Hate sunken tennis courts because they're too low? Have we got a great option for you! This house is super-fun with one of the world's few rooftop tennis courts, and there's a great view from there as well, along with plenty of space to relax after your game. The non-tennis related outdoors is pretty nice too, with an attractive pool and spa, 9000sf of mahogany decking, and water frontage with a dock, all on 2.1 acres. The house is a massive 13,000sf, with seven bedrooms and 8.5 baths, with all the amenities like a home theater, gym, and wine room. Asking price for all this is $17.9M. The last two photos show a round-robin doubles tennis match between rival Hamptons real estate brokers, just for fun.

· 100 Crescent Ave [Elliman]