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Cool, Crisp East Hampton Modern Wants $2.695M

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34 Squires Path, East Hampton
34 Squires Path, East Hampton

This architectural form of two rectangular boxes at right angles is quite popular in the Hamptons right now. This house was designed by Martin Architects, and while we've seen the space underneath the raised part used for a pool, we like the outdoor living area with fireplace here. Inside, there's 3600sf of space, all in up-to-the minute taste with a floating staircase, mid-mod furnishings and a retro hanging fireplace. The grounds, however, are not large at 0.55 acre, but there's an attractive gunite pool and appropriately simple plantings, as well as a lily pond. According to the listing, the house is engineered to be energy net zero, which means it produces as much as it consumes. Price for all this is $2.695M, which we tend to think is high; the area is not terribly exciting and it's fairly close to the airport. Still, all in all a very attractive house.

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