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Want a Luxurious Hamptons Home Fast? Think Modular

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Modular home building is becoming more and more popular, but it's been more tied to the small-house movement than the large places typically found in the Hamptons. Southampton's Aman Developers is now offering the Davinci Haus, a manufactured house built in Germany and assembled in the United States by German construction teams; local site and project management is done by Aman Developers. You can get a luxurious, customizable home built in 36 weeks.
Punit Chugh, founder of Aman, says, "Too often, people become overwhelmed with the intricacies and unpredictability of the traditional building process. Our Davinci Haus option takes away all the unknown variables. Home buyers know exactly what the finished home will look like, the complete and final cost, and the date of completion. No mysteries; no surprises." Mr. Chugh emphasizes that these are not cookie-cutter homes, and that buyers have numerous design options. Something to consider if you want an easy, hassle-free build.
· Davinci Haus [Aman]