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Sagaponack Farmhouse Wants to Be Your Summer Home

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409 Bridge Lane Sagaponack
409 Bridge Lane Sagaponack

Pretty much everything about this property is tasteful and stylish. The formal rooms of the 4200sf house aren't too formal for a summer place, the kitchen is very stylish: countrified yet industrial, and five bedrooms and five and a half baths are all up-to-date and not overdone. The grounds are beautiful, with a gunite pool, tall clipped privet, apple trees, and even an old cottage. The plot isn't big, at 0.78 acre, so there's not room for a tennis court, but that's the only drawback we can see. The property looks out over farm fields and is close to Sagg Pond and the ocean. Even the asking price, at $7.495M, is reasonable.

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