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Chatting with Zachary Quinto about Southampton, Spock, and Snowden

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Actor, producer, and all-around dreamboat Zachary Quinto's latest film, Hitman: Agent 47, premieres this weekend. A full-time New Yorker, Zachary is also a Southampton renter who's thinking about buying a place out here. He's best-known these days for playing Spock in the latest Star Trek reboots, but he's also in the upcoming biopic Snowden, directed by Oliver Stone. "I loved working with Oliver Stone. I've been a fan of his movies from such a young age. I remember when JFK came out, I was obsessed with it. There's just something about his brand of storytelling and his style that is so natural. Working with him was a real honor."

About being picked to play Spock, Zachary says, "I mean director JJ Abrams was a little concerned, obviously, with honoring the history of the franchise, and because Leonard was involved in the first movie, he participated in the process. To my knowledge, I was the only person who auditioned for the role… It was something where he saw some of my work and thought that I was a good pick. Then we met, and our relationship took on a life of its own and we became close. I became close with his wife and his family."

Southampton is Zach's favorite part of the Hamptons. "I have spent time in East Hampton, Sagaponack, and Southampton, where I actually rented a house myself last year. I've kind of seen the spectrum—I've been to parties at those massive beachfront properties that are almost sort of daunting and overwhelming in a way. The thing I like about Southampton is it's a little more bucolic."

"Now that I've permanently relocated to New York, there's something about the idea of having somewhere else besides Manhattan to go to. We get out of the city, but to have a place of our own would be ideal, so I'm just now starting to figure that out." [Call us, Zach!] To read the whole interview, pick up the latest issue of Hamptons.
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