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Map: 25 Outrageous Celebrity Houses, Islands, and Even Tombs

Everyone is always going on about the wacky baby names celebrities choose, but what about the bizarre real estate celebrities buy? For instance, did you know that Paula Deen has a very serious shell obsession that can be seen throughout her Savannah abode? Or that Neil Patrick Harris has a man cave that is filled with magic and other tricks? If it wasn't for Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, Nic Cage would be the king of the comical, with his castle (covered in "purple velvet fabric"), a haunted house too scary to sleep in, and even a tomb because why not. Below, Curbed's map of 25 of the weirdest and most wonderful real estate owned by American celebrities, from an island off the coast of Sweden to a shoe house in California. Think we left out any notable homes? Let us know in the comments!
Michelle Goldchain

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