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Stable Your Nags in Style in These Hamptons Equestrian Properties

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In honor of the Hampton Classic, we thought we'd take a look at some properties for sale that allows you to house your equines locally. First up is 171 Oakview Hwy, East Hampton, a farm formerly owned by showjumping legend Harry de Leyer, owner of Snowman. Asking $7.5M, the property (above) includes almost 15 acres of land, a fifty-stall barn, indoor rubber riding ring, outdoor riding rings, and a five-bedroom, three-bath home with heated pool.

Fox Hollow Farm, 79 North Midway Road on Shelter Island, includes six acres of land and a three-stall barn. For humans, there's a lovely six bedroom house, a four-bedroom cottage and three-car garage.

In Montauk, a fine option is part of the old Startop Ranch, which includes amazing water views. This parcel includes two acres of land with a barn on it (a buyer would have to build a house) adjacent to six acres of fields for grazing your horses. Asking price is $4.8M.

For those with deep, deep pockets, there's 172 Cedar Street in East Hampton, asking $55M. This estate was assembled out of a number of parcels. It's 23 acres with a massive, beautiful 18,000sf main house, six-bedroom former carriage house, and charming stables with paddocks and riding fields. There are even two more guest cottages.

You just want a convenient place for your horses and don't need a house? This 14-acre farm on Uncle Leo's Lane in Water Mill is the answer. Asking $5.85M, the property includes custom barns with 16 stalls, indoor and outdoor arenas and even a field with two water jumps and a bank jump.

Hampton Classic Horse Show

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