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Colorful, All-Plastic Hamptons New Build on Half-Acre: $4.788M

Are you fairly short as humans go, with a permanent smile and U-shaped hands? Do you have nearly five million dollars stored in an adorable plastic bank? If so, have we got a property for you! The new Playmobil Modern Luxury Mansion has been estimated by Trulia to cost $4,788,269 in the Hamptons on half an acre of land. If you decide to build in Malibu instead, Trulia estimates the cost at $6,014,503. Too rich for your blood? Consider Miami, where the house would cost just $1,627,313.

What do you get for your $4.788M? A modern house that looks like it might have been designed by Gene Futterman, three bedrooms including a guest suite, a gym, and of course a pool and deck. It even includes lighting.

But is the Modern Luxury Mansion really a good value? This house on Squires Path is similar: modern design, pool, half an acre of land, cheaper at $2.695M. However, it's not wipe-clean, unlike the Playmobil.

This bayfront Bates Masi design sold quickly at $5.75M. It's also modern, with a pool, on 0.70 acre. Yes, it's more expensive than the Playmobil house, but it does feature running water, unlike the Playmobil.

All in all, we think the Modern Luxury Mansion is probably a good buy, as long as it's south of the highway, of course.

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