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Ferry Road Condo Project in Sag Harbor: 'Full Steam Ahead'

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The long-aborning Ferry Road condo project is getting a step closer to completion. Its developers, East End Ventures, have today announced a joint venture with Greystone, a New York City-based real estate development and advisory company. The project will now include 11 units, outside public green space, and a marina. Jeffrey Simpson, head of Greystone, told us that he's thrilled to be part of the process. "We really feel our boutique luxury aesthetic is beautifully aligned with the intentions for this residential development," he said. "We're going full steam ahead to make this a sought-after development." Greystone has a track record with developing luxury condominiums in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami. Architect Frank Greenwald, as before, will be designing the units, although, as yet, nothing is ready to be viewed.
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