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Award Winning '70s Time Capsule in East Hampton for $6M

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11 Marina Lane, East Hampton
11 Marina Lane, East Hampton

This house proves that a well-designed place is timeless and attractive no matter how unfashionable the style of architecture. Designed by Alfredo de Vito, this house was given an American Institute of Architects citation in 1977 and was part of Guild Hall's 1999 exhibit "Weekend Utopia: The Modern Beach House on Eastern Long Island." It looks like no one has updated or touched it since then, which is good and bad. The kitchen and bathrooms could stand updating, and the cheesy This End Up-style furniture needs to be replaced with something more funky. After that, we think the house would be a showplace again. It's not huge by modern standards at 2500sf, with five bedrooms and three baths. There is 1.1 acres of land with a pool. As for the asking price, we tend to think the property is going to sit at $6M—what do you think?

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