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Hidden Gem or Price Chopper Bait in Sagaponack North?

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227 Haines Path, Sagaponack
227 Haines Path, Sagaponack

This 1600 sq. ft. 3 bed 2 bath house in Sagaponack North isn't big on amenities. But, for people who love the East End and don't have cash to burn, this contemporary might be a good way to get in the market. It's rocking a 1980's vibe with a dated kitchen, lots of sharp angles, and odd shaped windows. Actually, those windows kind of remind us of geometry class. On the positive side, the rooms appear to be flooded with sunlight. Plus, there's a pool with a deck that seems nice enough on the 1.6 acres. The brokerbabble says, this won't last long. Quite honestly, that might be a fair assessment. With an ask of $1.195M, what do you think? Hidden gem or price chopper bait? Please let us know if this is a good deal!

· North in Sagaponack. [DE]