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Modern Farmhouse Boasts In-Ground Trampoline Fun

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9 Oakwood Court, Wainscott
9 Oakwood Court, Wainscott

When we say this place is just South of the Highway, we're not kidding. With 5,000 sq. ft., we're not quite sure what the acoustics will be like in the backyard of this 4.5 bath 5 bed house. Even if the traffic noise from frustrated drivers stuck on 27 is a bit much, don't worry about it. Why, you ask? Besides the 1.3 manicured acres, blue stone patio, outdoor dining area, and heated pool, there's an in-ground trampoline.

With an ask of $4.195M, the price tag doesn't seem too steep for being so close to the ocean. Built in 1985, we're digging the clean lines of this modern farmhouse. The decor doesn't feature a wow factor, but that could be viewed as a positive. There's no bold color palette to eliminate buyers. True, at this price point, some fixtures could be upgraded. But, new owners wanting to put their own stamp on something might find this place ideal. Steeped in rustic-chic curb appeal with a killer backyard, we're curious if you think the price is fair. Is the highway too close or is this contemporary farmhouse priced right?

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