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Get Surfer Sexy Hair in the Hamptons

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In the Hamptons, it's hard not to feel like an ugly duckling if you don't have drop dead gorgeous hair. We'll let you in on a little secret; most of the lovely ladies with look-at-me locks are faking it. During the summer, it seems like everyone wants to lighten up their tresses or experiment with extensions (trust us, this really changes your appearance). So, we caught up with two hair experts from the Rita Hazan Salon in Manhattan who have been working in Southampton this summer. On August 24th, colorist Nicole Tresch and stylist Christine Healey will be at the Kevin Maple Salon at 46 Jobs Lane. Check out what our favorite hair gurus had to say about everything from surfer sexy highlights to proper hair maintenance.

CH: Nicole, we're excited about you being in the Hamptons! What's your favorite thing about your new summer digs, the Kevin Maple Salon?
NT: I think my favorite thing about the salon is the warm friendly staff and environment. They are so accommodating and lovely to work with. The location is great, and the salon has a laid back vibe like [at] Rita Hazan.

CH: In terms of hair color, what's your favorite trend of the season?
NT: Summer season is time for blonde. People are tan and want to feel light, but it's still that bright, golden sunny, surfer blonde that's a little rooty and even lighter towards the ends.

CH: Blonde is always popular, especially in the summer. What's in right now- golden hues or platinum tones?
NT: If you're olive in skin tone – go for paler, more platinum tones. If you're pinkish in the face, keeping the golden tones is more flattering and let whiter pieces fall more towards the ends.

CH: For a client that's never had hair extensions before, what should she know?
CH: For someone that has never had extensions, she needs to know having them requires more maintenance in order to keep the health of your hair. You have to care for your hair differently. You can't just wash and go. You need to brush your hair out and dry thoroughly, especially where the bonds or wefts are attached.

CH: Will the new hair blend seamlessly and look natural?
CH: The new look will blend seamlessly with the right haircut – the haircut is everything. The proper placement of the extensions also plays a big role in how natural they look.

CH: Since it's summertime, should we be nervous about the beach or pool
damaging our new locks?
CH: Yes, you have to be aware of your new extensions if you are going in the pool or ocean and want to get your hair wet. Some types of extensions do not wear well and others are more flexible. The consultation with your stylist is everything – it will determine which type is the best for the look you are trying to achieve while also taking your lifestyle into consideration.

CH: What's the best way to keep color vibrant between salon visits?
NT: Use shampoo for color treated hair and Rita's Ultimate Shine Color Glosses to keep tones that may fade.

CH: What's the biggest mistake clients make that wrecks their color
NT: A big problem clients have, especially out East, when it comes to maintaining the color – is the well water. The Hamptons are notorious for the water supply being well, which means it has dirt and minerals and in it. It can leave a buildup of those minerals and almost always leaves the hair with a green tint over time. You MUST have treatments in salon to remove this – it can conflict with getting color or the way the color takes. Go to Home Depot or Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a filter for your showerhead. Also, even wet down your hair with Brita filtered or bottled water to create a barrier before throwing your dry blonde hair right into the problem.