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Even the Artwork is Startled by the Pricechops to this Modern House

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500 Broadway, North Sea
500 Broadway, North Sea

We posted about this modern house by Jason Thomas Design just about a year ago when the asking price was an ambitious $3.2M. Considering how much commenters hated the place, it should be no surprise that the asking price has tumbled since then; $450K has been sliced off, down to $2.75M.

Comments ranged from "Like the kitchen and baths and the pool, but the outside somehow misses the mark. Maybe it's the swiss cheese holes in the stucco. Or the color. Or both. As for the art, to each his own, I guess. That's the nicest thing I can say." To "Ugly. Belongs in the deserts of Vegas or Phoenix. Can't imagine why anyone would build something so clearly out of its element. The smattering of tiny windows achieves nothing. The taupe interior is nauseating. The price is absolutely absurd." And "Awful. I love modern houses, but this is just terrible. From the brown faux-adobe exterior to the galaxy of tiny windows, it's just all wrong. The child's finger painting along the staircase is only one of many things that need fixing in this house. They'll never get anywhere near that price."

Built in 2012, the house sports four bedrooms and five baths in 5300sf. Outside, there is 1.3 acres of land with patios, decks, a fireplace and a rather nice pool. Will the latest price cut do the trick?

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