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Jack Nicholson Parties at Apollo in the Hamptons

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From the looks of it, Lewis Hamilton, the top driver in Formula 1 [F1], had a pretty epic time at billionaire Ron Perelman's 'Apollo in the Hamptons' shindig last night. This exclusive event that raises money for the not-for-profit Apollo Theatre in New York is one of the hottest parties of the season. It's a big deal. There are beautiful people surrounded by superstars, yada, yada. Last year's throwdown highlighted various politicians doing some rather unfortunate (albeit, hilarious) dance moves. We were hoping that the Clintons would turn up this year and do a rendition of pantsuits gone wild. That doesn't appear to be the case. But, Hamilton certainly took on a new role at the fundraiser. He usually poses for pictures with fangirls while on the racing circuit. But, last night, he was the one asking celebs to take pictures. Hamilton seemed particularly charmed by actor Jack Nicholson, who he described as 'incredible and legendary' on his Instagram account. Other attendees included singers Jon Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Smokey Robinson, The Roots, and actor Jamie Foxx. Like we said, it's A-Listers only for tycoon Ron Perelman. .

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