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New Restaurant: North Sea Tavern & Raw'r Bar

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New menu, new vibe, new owners, old name: North Sea Tavern is back! Now known as North Sea Tavern & Raw'r Bar, the seafood joint has just opened its doors. The restaurant will offer a sustainable seafood menu based on market availability, keeping items fresh and new each week. (A sample menu is included after the jump.) There are 80 seats indoors and a front and back patio. Having too much fun on the beach to leave? North Sea Tavern & Raw'r Bar is offering a picnic basket delivery service.

The team behind the new concept includes co-owner and Executive Chef Sandy Dee Hall, along with co-owners Jon Pirozzi (who also co-owns Stone Creek Bar in Manhattan) and Cletus McKeown (who managers event space The Wooly in FiDi).
· North Sea Tavern & Raw'r Bar [Official]