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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Properties With Zero Exterior Appeal

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Curb appeal is critical to making a good first impression on a buyer. These properties are all failures in this regard. To be fair, there's sometimes only so much a seller or agent can do. No amount of flattering angles and sunshine is going to make these sow's ears into silk purses.

Please pay $1,200,000 for this Westhampton Beach house. Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, it's a teardown, but why even picture it?

Then there's this Southampton house, available for $1.1M. We're pretty sure this house is making like Ronald Reagan in the movie Kings Row: "Where's the REST of me?"

This "beachy post-modern" asking $700K in Flanders is just bizarre. What's with the weird roofline and the little slit window? It's like the laws of geometry have been subverted.

This "gem" in Sag Harbor is yours for $2.2M. We particularly like the effect of random additions with no worries about coherency. Nope, just throw on any ol' windows, no one will notice or care.