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Almost Bayfront Teardown in Sag Harbor for $4M

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116 Hillside Dr E, Sag Harbor
116 Hillside Dr E, Sag Harbor

This is an interesting listing. The property offers a large plot for the area, 0.79 acre, with a tiny one-bedroom cottage on it and also a boathouse. It's not bayfront but the beach in front of the property is protected from development. Of course there are lovely waterviews, and there's plenty of room to build a new house and pool on the land. Does anyone know if this counts as the historic Ninevah Beach neighborhood? We're also not sure about the asking price—it strikes us as high, but values are changing so fast in Sag Harbor we don't know. We'll keep an eye on this property.

· Adjoining Waterfront Reserve With Beach Access [BHS]