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Devil in the Details: Can DiCaprio & Scorsese Recreate Devil in the White City?

Erik Larson's beloved book Devil in the White City will finally exit development purgatory after years of inaction and a multi-studio bidding war, according to Deadline Hollywood, with Martin Scorsese set to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio signed on to play serial killer H.H. Holmes. While the reunion of the director and performer, and the realization of a much-delayed project, are both reasons to get excited, we're just as hyped about the idea of bringing the architecture of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition to the silver screen, as well as seeing today's actors portray architectural legends. We know Leo's playing the bad guy, and that this will likely be a blockbuster. Considering the budget that might be available, who should be cast for the parts of Burnham, Root, Frederick Law Olmstead and others?

Our casting call, and a look at the famed White City >>