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Meet a Vintage House in the Amagansett Dunes Asking $3.25M

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62 Maidstone Drive, Amagansett
62 Maidstone Drive, Amagansett

This sweet vintage beach house isn't huge at 1800sf, but with four bedrooms and two baths, it offers quite a bit. There's quaint old knotty-pine paneling everywhere and an old fieldstone fireplace in the living room; the kitchen could use some minor updates but is basically fine as is. The gardens on the 0.30 acre plot are very pretty, with brick paths and a brick patio around the pool and spa; there's even a pool house, not often found in the Dunes. Price is fairly realistic; most houses in the Dunes are small with small plots, and not all of them have or are allowed pools, so that's a plus.

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