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Watch Out Ikea: New U.S. Startup Promises Modern Furniture That's More Affordable and Easier to Setup

Moving into a new home is a daunting, unavoidable task of life, and for those who find themselves in dire need of new furniture (and fast), the options are limited. The default route might look something like a few frantic trips to Ikea to cover all the bases, while mentally preparing oneself for several nights of concentrated assembling. Some goofier wildcard solutions include a 5-piece "room" composed of cardboard in primary colors and a shiny portable apartment "starter kit". Starting today, though, there's an earnest new contender in the "room in a box" game: Greycork, a Providence, RI-based startup aiming to fulfill the ultimate tall order of furniture that's simple, affordable, high quality, and good-lookin'.

Supposedly cheaper and easier to set up than Ikea >>