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Curious How Much a Picture with Hillary Clinton Will Run You?

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We recently speculated on whether or not the former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, would grace our lovely shores this summer. Controversy has surrounded her summer plans. We all know that this presidential candidate is trying to portray a more, umm, relatable persona. You know, the warm and fuzzy Hillary. So, how does this involve the Hamptons? Well, a lot of people (i.e., the media) are loudly saying that hanging out on the East End will make her appear privileged to voters. So what happened? The pantsuit queen didn't rent a house out here this summer.

But, Hillary is definitely spending time in the Hamptons. In fact, Politico reports that Clinton is hosting a fundraiser luncheon at fashion designer Tory Buch's house on Sunday, August 30th. A ticket will run you $1K, but if you want to be photographed with her, that's an entirely different story. Hillary is charging $2700 to take a picture with her. But what if the sun gets in your eyes or you blink? Are retakes available? The real tragedy? No selfies. Bummer for your Instagram account!
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