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Billy Joel's Ex Puts Gorgeous House on the Market

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Water Mill North
Water Mill North

In the Hamptons Curbediverse, we look at a lot of real estate. Most of it is a little too fussy and overdone, or too modern, or maybe it's heavy handed with quaint features. Whatever. Rarely, do we stumble upon a listing that incorporates classic Hamptons architecture with a charming sensibility as much as this one. We are drooling over Katie Lee's (Piano Man Billy Joel's ex-wife) 6 bed 7.5 bath house that just hit the marketplace in Water Mill. Complete with 3 fireplaces, she's asking $6.5M for her 6.325 sq. ft. estate that's spread out over 2 acres. We think the chic décor (admittedly, a little bold for some people) is killer--by Nate Berkus. And, if you don't like it, change it, because the grounds are impeccable. Here's the interesting part, the WSJ reports that she purchased the house for approximately $3.5M in 2011. We understand that the market has improved, and she clearly put work into the space. However, do we think the ask justifies the massive leap in the purchase price? Oh, and it's North of the Highway. At this price point, some folks are hoping for sand between their toes. Let's discuss…

· 2 acres in Water Mill. [Sotheby's]
· Katie Lee's house is for sale. [WSJ]