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Baller Surfboard Art & Popeye at ArtHamptons 2015

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Artist, Bruce Makowsky
Artist, Bruce Makowsky

Dubbed The Original ArtFair of the Hamptons, we attended the opening night of the 8th annual ArtHamptons [July 2-5] in Bridgehampton on Thursday. Amongst a bevy of art dealers and pretty young things, we spotted some killer art. Namely, we were impressed by Bruce Makowsky's interpretation of a beloved children's cartoon, Popeye the Sailorman. We were kind of agog at his Spirit of Ecstasy series; namely, the transformation of a utilitarian chainsaw into a Rolls Royce lust-worthy object of desire. We can't think of when we might need the sexiest chainsaw on earth, but it's good to be prepared.

We chatted up artist Paul Gerben about his background in graphic design. Our burning question for him, "Are those gorgeous surfboards functional?" After a chuckle, he replied, "Yeah, if you're a baller. A $20K surfboard makes a big statement at the beach." Fair enough, but damn they look good.

Bold pieces, luxury, fantasy, and pop art dominated the scene. Our thoughts? Purchase one of these bad boys, and you've got cocktail party gold forever. Everyone needs conversational art at home.