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Let's Hit the Barre: A Hamptons Chat with Physique 57's Manager of Global Training Instructor

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Bridgehampton location

It's no secret that Hamptonites are obsessed with Physique 57, the boutique workout that rapidly transforms your body through barre-based training. In addition to the Bridgehampton studio at 264 Butter Lane, the company partnered with the Montauk Beach House for a summer of pop-up workouts [Saturdays, July 4-26]. Additionally, the first ladies of the barre are introducing Physique F.I.T. [Focused Interval Training]. To us mere mortals, it's known as the Trouble Spot Fix. Translation: F.I.T. focuses on toning up your triceps and seat. With so much happening, we chatted up Physique's Manager of Global Training, Instructor, Antonietta Vicario to get the lowdown on what we should be doing to get a hot beach body.

We love the idea of troubleshooting our body! How are Focused Interval Training [FIT] classes different from your other classes?
Physique F.I.T. was designed to specifically target the arm and glute muscles, toning and strengthening your most visible trouble spots. With longer sets and new exercises, Physique F.I.T. is the perfect addition to your workout routine!

We've heard trainers say that you can't spot reduce problem areas. How do your [FIT] classes cut the jiggle?
You can definitely focus on specific muscles, strengthening and toning those areas. In class, you will use 2 sets of weights to not only sculpt your biceps but also tighten and trim your triceps as well as extra-long seat sections on the floor like our pretzel position for a whittled waistline and slimmer outer thighs. Our thigh sections will be sprinkled in and used as calorie melting cardio blasts and will have your legs looking beach-ready in just a few classes. Our final ab section will be just as intense with extra time devoted to middle-melting moves. Focus on form and isometric type of movements will leave your entire body feeling firmer and more fabulous in no time.

What's different about teaching in the Hamptons as opposed to the city?
There's a sense of community out in the Hamptons. Everyone is in vacation mode but still wanting to get a great workout. People are not on the clock and on the run the same way they are in New York City so there's more of an opportunity to mingle.

Also, the aesthetics of the studio set a relaxing yet inviting mood- it's absolutely beautiful at The Barn in the Hamptons. It has a rustic yet beachy feel and people enjoy the vibe of the studio.

What are your clients on the East End most concerned about with their workout?
Many of our clients have busy summer schedules so they rely on Physique 57 for an effective, efficient and fun work out! Our exercises deliver the results they want quickly- they can get a full body workout in less than an hour with time to spare to hit the beach or a barbecue (and look great)! Plus, we're located in an extremely convenient and central location with free parking so it's one less concern that they have to worry about.

What's your favorite power move for toning up the body before hitting the beach?
Scorpion push-ups are my favorite move before I hit the beach. In general, push-ups and planks are the best thing you can do for your whole body. It takes a lot of core strength to properly execute a push-up and hold a plank. With a Scorpion push-up, you get that added focus to your obliques when you pull your knee towards your shoulder. It's the perfect move to get beach ready because it targets your whole body with extra attention to the abdominals.

Physique 57's Antonietta Vicario