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Modern Green Barn in the Amagansett Lanes for $6M

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7 Holly Way, Amagansett
7 Holly Way, Amagansett

This new build is unusually spacious for the Lanes, with 4500sf aboveground space and a generous 3000sf lower level. The plot size is 0.54 acre, also a good size for the area, and offers a 42' pool and poolhouse with kitchen and bathroom. The style of the house is also different—the Lanes tends to be fairly traditional, but this simple, open design seems fresh. There are six bedrooms, five fulls baths, and two half baths. As well, this property features green technology, including geothermal heating and cooling. So what's the catch? The asking price, $5.95M, seems high, although everything else about the property is a winner.

· Modern Green Barn in Amagansett South [Sotheby's]