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Big Reveal: How Much for Carl Fisher's Own Montauk House?

44 Foxboro Road, Montauk
44 Foxboro Road, Montauk

Address: 44 Foxboro Road, Montauk
Price: $10,500,000
You guys all went high with your guesses this week: the most popular answer was $11,500,000. We tend to think this will be a tough sell; while it's a gorgeous house with a lot of land, it's also not what most people want out of a Montauk house, we think. One commenter wrote, "Absolutely incredible house and property. Yet another piece of MTK could be lost for locals. The kids love this place. Not saying on a public forum why, let's just say the current owners are the best, thank you!" while another wrote, "But for the kids rooms, this looks like the summer abode of Morticia and Gomez Addams. [You say that like it's a bad thing, Commenter!] A super quirky property, let's see what happens. But despite my snarky comment, I hope the buyer will leave it intact, it's a nice piece of history and it will appeal to someone who loves all that dark wood. Not moi."

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