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Hockey Star Sean Avery's First Hamptons House Looks Good

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52 Prospect St Southampton
52 Prospect St Southampton

What do you do when you love to decorate and you have already redone your city apartment and your Hamptons house? Well, if you're retired Ranger Sean Avery, you start building and designing homes for sale. Last month we chatted with Sean about his career move; his first house, at 52 Prospect Street in Southampton Village, is now finished. A traditional house with interesting modern twists (like black framed windows and a mod hanging fireplace), it's being sold completely furnished. Furniture includes a Case-Study V-Leg bed in the master and Muji beds in guest rooms, as well as minimalist Hem Palo sofas—all of it chosen by Avery. He told us, "I'm proud of this house in particular because it's something totally different from what they're used to, for example, the black windows and black trim. It's just a very different house for the village. I think that the tradition is great, I love it. What I tried to do was create that traditional element with those modern day finishes that I think new buyers want."

The property, which is set on 0.2 acre, includes the four-bedroom, four-bath, 2800sf main house, pool and pool house. Asking price is $3M, which is a fair starting point. There are several houses for sale along Prospect Street and this one compares favorably with it. And with furnishings included, this is a very easy place to make a weekend home.

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