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Tesla Pops Up in Southampton with Glam Shipping Containers

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One of our favorite Curbed tipsters clued us in that a Tesla brick and mortar store (well, it's not exactly a traditional showroom) finally arrived in the Hamptons. Let's all give a collective, yet eco-friendly, woohoo! In May, we speculated that the luxury electric car company, Tesla, would be opening a pop-up shop made from shipping containers on the East End. We spotted plenty of these cars around town this summer, but we were beginning to wonder if this endeavor was going to happen. Maybe all of this was just some kind of eco-chic myth fueled by Twitter? Well, we are please to report that the Tesla Motors Hamptons pop-up store has arrived in Southampton near Flying Point Road, and it's glorious. The doors still aren't open to the public, but we hear that is happening soon. Built from shipping containers, and you know our deep love of luxury recycling, the space makes a dramatic visual impact.

The store will promote education about the benefits of driving an electric car. Beyond that, the company will sell exclusive Tesla merchandise. Come on, who doesn't fancy a handbag, tee shirt, or golf bag that pushes a car company? Scratch that, it actually sounds pretty badass. Obviously, test drives are available, and if you fall in love with one of these gorgeous, albeit pricey machines, you can order your very own Tesla right on the spot.

Check out the photos we snapped of the space. Even if you're not seduced by the car, we're betting that you'll be crushing on the unique pop-up. It's pretty damn cool! So, are we ready to embrace eco-driving?

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