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Gasp! Could Prefab Housing Make it in the Hamptons?

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Cocoon Lite 20
Cocoon Lite 20

Christopher Burch, the ex-husband of fashion designer Tory Burch and founder of the now defunct clothing line C.Wonder, is reinventing himself by joining the Tiny House Nation movement. He's traded in sartorialism for prefab modular housing with the creation of Cocoon9. His newest company builds assembly line houses with luxurious touches. This might seem like an odd choice for Burch, but manufactured housing is growing in popularity.

Mecox Gardens, the home furnishings store, currently has the Cocoon Studio on display in Southampton, and it looks pretty damn swanky. There are 3 models to chose from: the Cocoon Cabin (480 sq ft), the Cocoon Studio (480 sq ft), and the Cocoon Lite (160 sq ft). These energy efficient units range in price from $75K to $225K. Of course, that's just the base price, so brace yourself for upgrades (hello, carrera marble!) and transportation costs. Still, all of this feels really affordable when compared to traditional Hamptons pricing where you consider yourself lucky to be under $2M.

And, the company has a unique pitch. The East End market is saturated with traditional Hamptons architecture (think gambrels) and mcmansions, so we initially weren't sure if this concept made sense. But, Burch seems to be keeping an open mind about the uses for his prefab creations. He's suggesting that they can function as pool houses, home offices, guesthouses, or pretty much anything you thing you want. Take a look at the pictures, and let us know what you think. Will Cocoon9 succeed in the Hamptons? We know you've got strong opinions, so let's discuss...
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