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Charming Bridgehampton Cottage Has Two Serious Caveats

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212 Lumber Lane Bridgehampton
212 Lumber Lane Bridgehampton

Well, maybe three, if you include the diminutive size of the house (just 1650sf, although there are three bedrooms and three baths) and plot (0.18 acre, although there is a similarly petite pool out back). The caveats are Bridgehampton traffic, which is enough to send anyone into a homicidal rage on a summer afternoon, and that the property is right by the train tracks.

The pluses are a vintage (built 1900) classic shingled Hamptons cottage and a lot of charm, including a lovely updated kitchen, and what looks like pretty gardens, along with that pool. The other good thing is the price, just $1.25M, which seems reasonable, although we don't know the condition of the house, of course. And the house is actually close enough to walk to town for your morning Starbucks if you can't face that traffic. What do you think?

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