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High in the Montauk Bluffs, 35.5 Acres for $50M

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42 Old Montauk Highway Montauk
42 Old Montauk Highway Montauk

Want a big spread in the Montauk bluffs but can't swing $85M for Eothen? How about this property? It's got five more acres of land and the same spectacular views and is in fact right next to Eothen, but costs $35M less. We're assuming the buyer will want to tear down the existing 7000sf house, a "modern residence with a Zen flair." For "Zen flair," read "we don't know why this place has that weird-ass pagoda roof, either." The house also features "radiant heat marble floors throughout," because nothing says "beach house" like a nice, slippery skating rink of a floor on damp feet. As for the price, who knows? This property was offered for sale in 2009 at $35M with no takers; undaunted, the sellers raised the price to $50M in 2010, and then took the property off the market. We'll see how this goes.

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